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Fathers For Families of Pennsylvania

Our Mission

To join, support & empower separated and divorced fathers in being meaningfully involved parents in the lives of their children in an effort to build and strengthen families.

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We are a group of separated & divorced fathers who have navigated the overwhelmingly challenging process of separation & divorce, especially with children involved.

Our ultimate goal is to support each other in respectfully co- parenting and being great fathers to our children.

We know the pain of being separated from our children.

We know the stress that the divorce process can impart. 

We know that more than anything else, our children are counting on us, now more than ever, to be the best fathers we can be for them. We have no greater responsibility than being good fathers.

Fathers for Families Pennsylvania was started for this very reason, to mutually support separated fathers.

Along our own individual journeys, we have grown, and built practical experience & knowledge that can be helpful to share with other fathers going through and understanding this process.

We do not offer legal advice or therapy. We are just a group of dads who have walked this walk, and have learned many lessons and are wiser for it.

We hold our children and our fatherhood paramount, we are willing to listen to other dads and share experiences in a mutually supportive and respectful manner.

You Do Not Have To Walk This Walk Alone!

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