Welcome to the Dads’ Resource Center!

The DRC is committed to providing education, resources and advocacy for men in separated family systems who are fully committed to upholding their sacred responsibility as fathers.

Our approach is to work constructively (including within the civil legal, county and human services systems) to identify ways that we can enable committed fathers to uphold the role that their children need in their lives.
The means to the end is to help fathers. But, at our heart we are a children’s advocacy organization. The aim being to ensure that each child has the appropriate involvement with both parents as is suitable for his or her situation.

We all know by our own experiences, what we have observed and by statistics, that children do better when they have active participation in their lives by their fathers. This involvement includes meaningful time spent, being a role model, effective co-parenting and providing financial support.

This website is meant to be the point of reference for any father who is attempting navigate what comes after the break up the nuclear family system. Please let us know if there is anything we can do or provide that might be of service to fathers in separated families.

This includes sharing your story and becoming part of a network of similarly committed fathers. Our aim would be to have our fathers develop and take ownership of this community over time.