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Uncategorized archive for blog posts for articles about single fathers and what to do after a divorce. We strive to help fathers make sense of the law and ways to positively effect their children and deal with custody issues.

Progress in Change: Bills/Laws to Promote Shared Custody of Children After Divorce/Separation

Progress in Change: Bills/Laws to Promote Shared Custody of Children After Divorce/Separation According to a report in The Washington Post more than 20 states in 2017 considered bills that would encourage shared parenting or make it a legal presumption, even if parents disagree. But change does not occur quickly and there is still much work

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Guiding Principles for Any Parent in a Potentially Contentious Separation Involving Children (REALLY GOOD)

This is from the National Parents Organization Website How To Survive Your Divorce And Thrive As The “Visiting Parent”: - Jeremy J. Lanning MA, LPC The National Parents Organization welcomes back Jeremy Lanning. He's posted to our site before. Here's his invaluable take on how to negotiate divorce and child custody. There is a difference

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The Importance of Equal Rights and Custody of Children

Children Benefit from Two Fully and Actively Engaged Parents The heart of Dads’ Resource Center is a children’s advocacy organization that aims to ensure that each child has the appropriate involvement and contributions from both of their parents. We have seen firsthand that disenfranchised fathers result in disadvantaged children. According to the U.S. Census Bureau,

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Mental Wellness Month — How Do Dads Maintain Mental Wellness?

January is Mental Wellness Month is a public health and awareness campaign organized by the International Association of Insurance Professionals. Essential to their children, fathers should take some time at the beginning of 2019 to look at their mental wellness. A healthy father sets a good example for his children, and can be a more

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Dads are Mentors

January is National Mentoring Month - How Can a Dad be a Positive Mentor to His Children? The “State of the World’s Fathers,” produced by MenCare and its partners, analyzed hundreds of global studies on fatherhood that show why and how fathers matter. Findings from the report were shared in an article from HuffPost that examined

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PFA Informational Videos

According to the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, the number of Protection From Abuse (PFA) filings in Pennsylvania has increased from 2014 through 2017, with 39,083 PFAs filed in 2017, of which 90 percent were granted. The Dads’ Resource Center has introduced an educational video series that discusses Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders through interviews

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Happy Fathers Day!

This is from a column posted in the 2018 Father's Day Edition of the Centre County Gazette (June 14-20, page 13). Here is something for those craving positive news – fathers are stepping up in a big way. A 2015 Pew Research Center survey indicated that the percentage of fathers who felt that parenting was

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95 places to take your children this summer (FREE, except for the ice cream!)

School is out and the weather is good. Now is the time to make those great summer memories with your children. It does not take a lot of money or a tank of gas. You can pack up a few drinks and snacks, get in the car and after a few Imagine Dragon tracks be

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National Parental Alienation Awareness Day

April 26th was National Parental Alienation Day and the Dads' Resource Center supported a rally held at the State Capitol organized by the National Parents Organization. The text of the statement by Dads' Resource Center Executive Director Jeff Steiner. I would like to thank the National Parent’s Organization, and Stephen Meehan for organizing

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Youth Suicide Prevention

Youth Suicide Prevention Matthew Wintersteen, Ph.D. was the key note speaker for the opening of this year’s year’s Annual PA Council of Children, Family, and Youth Services Conference. Dr. Wintersteen is with the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior and is one of the leading voices in the research and treatment of

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