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Uncategorized archive for blog posts for articles about single fathers and what to do after a divorce. We strive to help fathers make sense of the law and ways to positively effect their children and deal with custody issues.

Pa House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on House Bill 1397

The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee December 9 hearing on House Bill 1397. From the testimony of Stephen Meehan, a former House Judiciary Legislative Analyst and a Volunteer Chairman for the Pennsylvania Affiliate of the National Parents Organization. "Today, Pennsylvania has more than 48,000 new child custody cases filed, into a pipeline of cases, that average

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Pennsylvania a “D” in National Parents Organization Report Card

Pennsylvania has an uphill battle ahead to catch up with other states when it comes to statutes providing for shared parenting. A new ranking of states by their statutory provisions promoting shared parenting in custody arrangements puts Pennsylvania in the bottom tier. The Commonwealth received a grade of “D” according to a recent national report

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Dads’ Resource Center Guardian Ad Litem Survey

Individuals who play a major role in the outcomes of child custody cases in Pennsylvania have virtually no oversight or professional standards in hiring or training, which could lead to potentially harmful consequences for thousands of children in the child welfare system, according to a new survey by the Dads’ Resource Center (DRC). The survey

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Third Annual Symposium Organizing Committee Convening

Dads’ Resource Center founder Dr. Joel N. Myers told a gathering of government leaders and child and family advocates on Thursday that better education and resources and a more equitable court system are needed to help position single fathers to take and maintain a more substantial role in the lives of their children. “Children who

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“I Want to Make Sure I’m Doing What It Takes” Parental Role Changes Following Separation

Ray Petren (in photo), PhD, Melissa Labuda, PhD, Mike Anthony In the Fall of 2017, Dr. Ray Petren, Dr. Melissa Labuda and Mike Anthony (undergraduate student in Human Development and Family Studies) at the Pennsylvania State University Scranton gathered mothers and fathers recently separated and enrolled in divorce classes to study their perceptions of role

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Keystone Scholars Program

Fathers and mothers give different but equally important things to their children. One area that fathers most impact their children is in their education and careers. There are a lot of studies showing what we already know - children with actively engaged fathers tend to perform better in school, are more focused on post-secondary education

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Written Congressional Testimony from Dr. Joel Myers, DRC Founder and Board Chair

Celebrating Fathers and Families: Federal Support for Responsible Fatherhood Written Testimony from Dr. Joel Myers, DRC Founder and Board Chair On June 11, a Congressional hearing reviewing discussed increased Federal support for fatherhood programs. Individuals who work in or benefited from fatherhood programs testified to the importance of responsible fatherhood programs and the need to

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THE FATHER FACTOR: A Critical Link in Building Family Prosperity Reimagining Father Engagement for the 21st Century Family It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb expressing the truth that an entire community of people must interact with children for them to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Mothers, fathers, grandparents,

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The “Boy Crisis”: Fathering Component Grounded in Father Disenfranchisement

Dr. Warren Farrell, co-author of "The Boy Crisis" and chairman of the Coalition to Create a White House Council on Boys and Men, recently talked about the Boy Crisis in an opinion piece published in USA Today. The multi-faceted boy crisis encompasses issues and challenges in education, mental health, purpose and fathering. DRC programming and

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