Helping fathers transition into separated family settings so children have involvement and engagement with both parents.

Dad's Resource center Providing education, resources and advocacy for single fathers

Research shows that mothers and fathers have different, yet equally important, roles in their children’s development, success and happiness in life. Children who maintain healthy, quality relationships with both their mom and their dad following the separation of their parents usually experience better adjustment and more positive rates of development.

The Dads’ Resource Center was established to promote the well-being and healthy development of children from separated or divorced families by helping to support and encourage fathers to be fully and actively engaged in the lives of their sons and daughters. We believe society, the courts and social agencies have an obligation to ensure this happens so dads can provide the time, input, emotional and financial support that their children deserve and require.

The Dads’ Resource Center was founded to support this important goal by providing education, resources and advocacy for not only single dads, but everyone who wants children to prosper and reach their potential.


Pennsylvania Child Welfare Council
Symposium Organizing Committee
Centre County Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force
Centre County Council for Human Services


Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators

  • Prepare fathers for the emotional and psychological stresses of their new situation of separation and divorce.
  • Help fathers be successful and effective as parents in their new situation.
  • Reinforce the data supported findings that children are much better off when both parents are actively engaged in their lives.
  • Educate and prepare fathers for how to best deal with the new involvement and intervention of the agencies, legal community and courts in their lives.
  • Provide fathers with the understanding, education and resources to help them prepare for and deal with human service agencies, attorneys, legal entities and the court. This includes efforts to help secure adequate and proper legal assistance.
  • Provide fathers with the resources to effectively transition into separated family setting or structure. This includes an awareness of balancing the need to co-parent in addition to transitioning into the role of a single parent.
  • Provide fathers with the skills and resources needed to parent alone as well as co-parent. This includes providing concepts and social scripts to help insure dads continued and meaningful relationships with their children.
  • We want to help make both parents aware of the problems, stresses and harmful situations that can negatively impact their sons and daughters thrust into the new separated family setting.
  • Emphasize the need to minimize negative behaviors and confrontations for the benefit and the well being of the children.
  • Encourage awareness of the problems, situations, and stresses on children thrust into the new setting of separated parents.
  • Communicate and work with human services agencies and the legal community to ensure that the important role that a father plays in his children’s lives is understood, encouraged and maximized. Work with these professionals to identify and remove barriers that  hinder dads involvement in their children’s lives.
  • Identify and create an awareness of misconceptions and biases that might cast single or divorced fathers in a negative light in the eyes of the human services system, courts or community at large.
  • Celebrate fatherhood!

Board of Directors

Dr. Joel N. Myers – Chairman of the Board

Julia Cronin Rater – Director/Secretary/Treasurer

Mark T. Lynch – Director

Sharon Myers – Director

Jeff Steiner – Executive Director

Dads’ Resource Center – Date Established – June 15, 2015

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