The Fatherhood Four

The Dads’ Resource Center was established to promote the well-being and healthy development of children from separated or divorced families by helping to support and encourage fathers to be fully and actively engaged in the lives of their sons and daughters. We believe the courts and social service agencies have an obligation to ensure this happens so dads can provide the time, input, emotional and financial support that their children deserve and require.

Toward this end we have developed the Fatherhood Four Commitments. These commitments comprise the primary responsibilities that all fathers have toward their children.

The Dads’ Resource Center believes that:

– Any man who upholds these basic fatherhood four responsibilities as a father deserves equality with the mother in regard to the rights and custody of his children.
– Any standards of consideration regarding the rights and custody of children should be applied equally to both parents by the courts and all agencies.
– Any necessary interventions to redress parental standing should be clearly specified, with defined and measureable objectives. Completion of these interventions as prescribed should result in a timely readjustment of parental standing.

The Fatherhood Four Commitments

My primary focus is on my Children. Whatever complications or challenges may exist or develop, I will put the safety, health, happiness and well-being of my children first. This will be displayed not only in words, but consistently through my actions and deeds.

I will respectfully co-parent with my child/children’s mother. I will communicate with my children’s mother in a polite and courteous manner. I will make every effort to accommodate reasonable adaptations to parenting plans. I will never knowingly portray my children’s mother in a negative light to my children and will do my best to support the mother/child relationship.

I will ensure the basic needs of my children. This includes financially, medically, educationally and developmentally. I will always put their overall welfare and safety first.

I will be the best possible father to my children. I promise to be active in their lives. I will spend meaningful, quality time with them. I will actively communicate with them. I will be a positive role model and influence on their lives. I will teach and mentor them. I will strive to be a loving man and as caring of a father as possible man for them.

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