Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders are an important intervention that helps to keep people safe. As such, the courts are very unforgiving when PFA orders are found to have been violated. In nearly every instance you will receive at least one day in jail. Repeat violations will result in a month to half of a year in jail. This often leads to the loss of your job, and a record that will limit future employment and possibly your ability to be around your and other people’s children. 

In Centre County there are approximately 250 temporary Protection from Abuse orders granted each year, and 1 in 5 PFAs end up being found to have been violated. To provide additional support to those who are served with PFA orders the Dads’ Resource Center has developed a series of Informational videos. 

PFA Videos

Interview with Centre County Sheriff Bryan Sampsel

What to know when you are served with a Protection From Abuse Order.

Interview with Magisterial District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker

The process from being served with a Protection From Abuse order to the initial hearing.

Interview with Attorney Stephanie Cooper

Perspective from an attorney who practices criminal law.

Interview with Brian Coval from Crossroad Counseling, Inc.

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