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Domestic Violence and PFAs

Domestic Violence and PFAs

The Dads’ Resource  Center advocates for the importance of dads accepting and engaging in all aspects fatherhood. This includes developing a healthy and effective parenting partnership with the mothers of their children.

Acts of violence or mean spiritedness toward a child’s mother corrupts the true nature of fatherhood and is absolutely unacceptable in any form. Men should treat women with dignity and respect at all times.  At the same time, we need to be aware that both men and women can be either the perpetrator or the victim of domestic violence.

It is important that men recognize that they too can be the victims of acts of mental or physical abuse, and that they consult with the appropriate involved agencies or individuals (ex. their lawyer or Children and Youth Services) when any such incidents occur.

Another area of concern is teen dating violence. The Dads’ Resource Center has taken the lead in awareness of this issue –


We Are against any Form of Domestic Violence!

Protection From Abuse Orders

A Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) is a court order signed by a Judge.

The Order often restricts a person from communicating with or contacting an individual in any manner (ie:, in person, by telephone, by e-mail or text messaging).

The Order applies not only to direct communication or contact, but also to communication or contact through a third person.

Violation of the Order is a criminal offense and may result in serious legal consequences, including incarceration. If you have been served with a PFA Order:


  1. DO NOT go home if the Order forbids it.

  2. DO NOT go near the protected person’s home, work or school.

  3. DO NOT call, text, write, e-mail or use social media with the protected person.

  4. DO NOT attempt to contact the protected person through children or a third party.

Additional Information

Centre Safe

The mission of Centre Safe is to empower survivors of sexual or domestic violence, and to work toward the elimination of such violence through crisis intervention, services, education and advocacy. Centre Safe provides services for men as well as women.

Pls call 1-877-234-5050 for more information.


Men Against Abuse Program

The Men Against Abuse Program (MAAP) is a 26 week long batterer intervention program for perpetrators of domestic violence. The program meets on a weekly basis and is designed to assist men in changing abusive and violent behaviors which are often directed at their loved ones. The program is facilitated by Crossroads Counseling, Inc, which also runs a program for women who are perpetrators of domestic violence.


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Centre County Child Access Center

The Centre County Child Access Center provides a safe and supportive environment for monitored custody exchanges and supervised visitation. Court ordered, agency and self-referrals are welcome. During custody exchanges and supervised visitations at the Child Access Center, parents have no direct contact.


Parents utilize separate entrances and staggered arrival times in order to make exchanges and visitations as safe as possible. Trained staff and volunteers are present throughout all exchanges and visits. All services provided by the Child Access Center are confidential.


342 Myrtle Street
Bellefonte, Pa. 16823

Establishing Paternity

There are a lot of reasons that a parent may wish to establish paternity. In Pennsylvania, issues of paternity are normally resolved through the County Office of Domestic Relations. For more information, you can:


1) Download the Pennsylvania Child Support Handbook

2) Go the Pennsylvania Child Support Website