Dads’ Resource Center Research

February 18, 2020DRC Pennsylvania Jail Contact Visit Survey
A new survey conducted by the Dads’ Resource Center (DRC) reveals that fewer than half of Pennsylvania County jails allow inmates barrier-free visits with their children. (download)

September 24, 2019 – DRC GAL Survey
Individuals who play a major role in the outcomes of child custody cases in Pennsylvania have virtually no oversight or professional standards in hiring or training, which could lead to potentially harmful consequences for thousands of children in the child welfare system, according to a new survey the by the Dads’ Resource Center (DRC). (download)

June 4, 2019DRC PFA Survey
The Dads’ Resource Center recently surveyed Temporary Orders of Protection From Abuse (PFA) filed during 2017 in 12 Pennsylvania counties and found that how information is currently reported obstructs the development of data to track biases in PFA outcomes based on gender. The Dads’ Resource Center is calling for changes to this reporting system that could allow gender biases in the PFA process that unduly impact the access of fathers to their children to be identified and addressed. (download)

April 4, 2019DRC CYS Study
Dads’ Resource Center has concluded its second study researching potential biases toward fathers within Pennsylvania courts, legal system, and country and human services agencies. This study reviewed the ratio of male to female staff and supervisors in the Office of Children and Youth (CYS) for every county in Pennsylvania. (download)

March 12, 2019DRC Custody Study
The Dads’ Resource Center has concluded a study reviewing the distribution of time that children are assigned to parents in divorce proceedings by Courts of the Commonwealth in 14 Pennsylvania counties and has found that fathers are disproportionately impacted by rulings.(download)