Even if what had existed in a family unit was not ideal, divorce and the breakup of a family is often very difficult for all parties. Emotions can run high, and it may take a great deal of time to sort through things.

It is important for the benefit of the children that both parents are reasonable and clear-headed in their decision making about their roles in their children’s lives from the very first moment of separation.

Relinquishing any parental duties or responsibilities at the time of separation could establish a precedent that may negatively impact  your future options regarding custody, visitation and influence over your child’s life.

One good piece of advice for a father is to become the best possible parent, either mother or father, that you have ever observed. You should become totally involved in every possible aspect of your son’s or daughter’s life. That may include things like changing diapers, attending doctor’s appointments, knowing the details of all health conditions and medications, attending school meetings, taking the time to volunteering at school events, becoming involved with organizing and participating in out of school activities such as musical instrument classes, tutoring, sporting events, and the like.

As time progresses parents, and their children, generally go through three phases that begin immediately with the breakup of the family: The Initial Reorganization, The Transitional Stage and Personal Growth.