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Three Stages of Separation & Divorce

Three Stages of
Separation & Divorce

Even when a family unit is not ideal, divorce and the breakup of a family is very difficult for all parties.

Two young children feeling sad and boring due to parents fighting at home. Older sister feels disappointed and sibling brother crying on father and mother aggressive trouble. Unhappy problem in family

Emotions run high, and it takes a long time to sort through things. From the very first moment of separation, it is important that both parents are reasonable and clear-headed in their decision making about their roles in their children’s lives.

Abandoning any parental duties and responsibilities at the time of separation establishes a  negative impact to  your future options regarding custody and visitation rights over your child’s life.  One piece of advice for fathers is to become the best model parent.

You should be centered around every aspect of your child’s life. That may include things like changing diapers, attending doctor’s appointments, knowing the details of all health conditions and medications.

Make it a priority to attend school meetings and events. Become easily accessible in those unforeseen circumstances and let your presence be as frequent as possible.

All separated families go through three phases: 

Family Reorganization

There are times when both know and agree that they must go their own ways. In these situations there can be some degree of relief, perhaps even affection and love, and the parents work out where the children will be and when on their own.

Parenting is not a one person job. Even in a separated family, both parents should view the other parent as an equal partner in the upbringing of their children. Mothers and fathers give different, equally important, things to their sons and daughters. 

When parents are able to establish a working partnership that results in routine without conflict they and the children begin to experience relief, are able to heal and start to evolve. It is vital that mom and dad are able to communicate in a reasonable way…