Once the basic framework of the family has been re-organized (where the children will be and when, how they will be provided for) the father and mother embark on the long and ever evolving process of co-parenting as separated parents.

It can be difficult, and often stressful, putting aside disagreements and relationship issues in order to work agreeably with your “ex.” Ultimately both parents have to find a way to be cooperative and engage in making decisions mutually. The best adjusted children and those most successful in life emerge from parents who cooperate the best for the child’s welfare.

Communication is crucial. If the relationship is contentious figure out the best methods to communicate (phone calls, e-mails, texts meetings, etc.).

The Dads’ Resource Center was able to connect with Dr. Ray Petren from the Penn State University who shared a tip sheet of what is working for recently separated dads based on his research. These are some great mindsets and areas of focus to help single fathers successfully parent their children. Open to print the tip sheet by clicking here. 

Here are some additional resources and tools (articles and apps) that can help you to navigate this journey.

Local Help

Don Page, LCSW
DFP Counseling Services
1402 S. Atherton St.
State College, Pa. 16801

Rana Glick, MA, LMFT
Marriage Therapist, Divorce Coach & Family Facilitator
215 Blue Bird Lane
Port Matilda, Pa. 16870

Dr. Jennifer Mastrofski
Does four hour educational seminars to help parents understand a child’s needs in relation to divorce and separation.

Online Parenting Tools

There are many online tools to help Parents who are separated, divorced, or were never together in the first place.  Communication is key; along with keeping track of scheduling parent time, sharing important family information, managing expenses as well as creating an accurate, clear log of divorce communication. Below are two tools that we have found to be beneficial: