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The Dads’ Resource Center is the leading advocate for single fathers and is recognized as an authority on fatherhood, the importance of father family involvement and the challenges that single fathers face when they are involved with the family court, county, and human services systems. We believe that father absence is a major factor in nearly every social issue our country faces, and that every able and willing father should be allowed to uphold his sacred responsibility as a father.

We have had national media segments or placements featuring the Dads’ Resource Center including CNN Headline News (June 6, 2022), Dallas Morning News (June 18, 2022) and the Harrisburg Patriot News (June 16, 2019). Dads’ Resource Center Founder and Board Chair Dr. Joel N. Myers had his Written Congressional Statement For The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Worker and Family Support accepted on June 11, 2019. Click here to read full statement.

We have had local TV segments including KFOR TV Oklahoma (July 22,2022), NBC 6 Miami (June 15, 2022), CBS 21 PA (May 10, 2022), Fox 29 PA (April 23, 2022), WATC TV Atlanta (January 22, 2022), TV 21 York PA (January 6, 2022), KWQC TV Iowa (November 18-2021), Bloom TV Florida (October 13, 2021) and WJAC TV PA (December 19-2022)

Among the radio segments and podcasts that we have been invited to participate in include Success Made to Lost (January 7-2022), Focus on Success / Voice of America Podcast (March 21, 2022), 91.3 KNCT Public Radio Texas (January 12, 2022), Psych up Live / Voice of America Podcast (January 13, 2022), Art of Fatherhood Podcast (July 15, 2021), and the KYW Radio Flashpoints Panel (December 1, 2020).

DRC articles have been published in venues that reach every zip code in the United States, including Flipboard, JustLuxe, Yournews, HealthNewsDigest, USA Wire, 360 News, CNB News, Good Men Project, Professional Women Magazine, Patch, Voice of America, SUAVV, Estilos, Black Employment & Entrepreneur Magazine, Motherhood Moment, and the Mommies Reviews.

Dr. Myers’ two part series on the impact of parental separation on children in the Centre County Gazette: Part 1 January 19, 2023 / Part 2 January 19, 2023, Part 1 January 26, 2023 / Part 2 January 26, 2026. 


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