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Single Fathers

4 Challenges Single Fathers Face

Dads’ Resource Center Supports Single Fathers

According to the 2021 Annie Casey Foundation Kids Count Report 34% of children under the age of 18 in the United States live in single parent families. Most of these 23,756,000 children live with their mothers, and all too often have limited access to their father, his parents and extended family.

“In some cases, single fathers are less engaged in the lives of their children than we all desire,” said Dads’ Resource Center Founder Dr. Joel N. Myers. “But, in the majority of cases the family courts, county and human service systems prevent rather than encourage fathers to be actively engaged and involved with their children. These biases against fathers have an overwhelmingly negative impact on our children, culture, and economy.”

Since its inception in 2016, the DRC has found that these are four of the most common challenges single fathers face in their efforts to be active in their children’s lives:

Not being able to see their children. The greatest calling for any man is to be there for his children. Too often able and willing fathers are unnecessarily limited or completely denied access to their children by those systems meant to protect the well-being of children.

Being boxed in by child support systems – Most single fathers want to continue to provide for their children. However, according to the National Parents Organization, “More than 50% of obligor parents are pushed below the poverty line because of unrealistic child support obligations that prove impossible for them to meet & prevent them from fully participating in raising their children.”

Money issues – Most times fathers leave the residence during a separation to ensure stability for the mother. While transitioning to a single income, dads need to maintain current obligations such as debts and vehicle payments, pay support, and if custody is contentious pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal and lawyer fees. This often leads to:

Housing issues – Very quickly a father can find himself with very little left over to secure new housing and purchase new housewares. The best a father might be able to do is have a small one room or one bedroom rental. When this is the case, it often is held against him being able to have overnight visits with his children.

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Founded by AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers, Dads’ Resource Center is the leading advocate for single fathers. DRC believes that father absence is a major factor in nearly every social issue our country faces and that all able and willing dads should be allowed to uphold their sacred responsibility as fathers.








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