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Child Custody

9 Most Common Reasons Dads Are Denied Custody and How to Overcome Them

The Dads’ Resource Center was founded in 2015 due to the belief that our family courts needlessly deny able and willing fathers’ access to their children. There is the expectation that courts will make decisions based on what is in… Continue Reading…

Fatherhood News

How to use AI Chat GPT to File Custody Cases

The Dads’ Resource Center recently had a father reach out to us who had successfully used ChatGPT in his custody case. This sparked our interest, so we asked other separated parents their thoughts about using ChatGPT for their custody case.… Continue Reading…


Parents, Here’s How You Can Help Your Children Defend Themselves From Cyberbullies

By Alexis Harold Exclusively written for Dads Resource Center   Bullying has long existed before the internet. But with rising interconnectedness, it has become much easier for many to participate in aggressive and harmful behaviors online, which we call cyberbullying.… Continue Reading…

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