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Child Abuse PreventionDomestic Violence

Top 5 Things Dads Can do to Help Support Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, making it an ideal time to shed light on this issue. The Dads’ Resource Center is promoting awareness of how father involvement is one of the primary factors in preventing these horrible situations from… Continue Reading…


How Divorce Impacts A Child’s Grades

Think divorce doesn’t impact a child’s grades? Think again! Most parents today are focused on their child’s grades. Sometimes to the point that they log into online accounts each week to see how their child is doing, rather than looking… Continue Reading…

Fathers in Court

4 Divorced Dads Statistics that the System Helps Create

We’ve all heard high divorce rate statistics, and most of us know someone who has been divorced. It’s a common situation in today’s society. We also know that when people who have children divorce the children are often put in… Continue Reading…

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