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Being a Good Dad

How To Raise Children To Be Successful In Life

There is a great article in Business Insider on 24 things that parents of successful kids have in common:

  • They tend to make their kids do chores.
  • They tend to teach their kids social skills.
  • They tend to have high expectations.
  • They tend to have healthy relationships with each other.
  • They’ve usually attained higher educational levels.
  • They tend to teach their kids math early on.
  • They tend to develop a relationship with their kids.
  • They’re often less stressed.
  • They tend to value effort over avoiding failure.
  • The moms tend to work.
  • They tend to have a higher socioeconomic status.
  • They are more often “authoritative” than “authoritarian” or “permissive.”
  • They tend to teach “grit.”
  • They tend to apply behavioral control, not psychological control.
  • They tend to understand the importance of good nutrition and eating habits.
  • They tend to give their kids bias-proof names.
  • When they do face conflict, they tend to fight fair in front of their kids.
  • They tend to let their children fail.
  • They usually don’t let their kids watch too much TV.
  • They tend to let their kids make decisions.
  • They tend to teach their kids self-control.
  • They tend to pay attention to their children.
  • The parents tend to take parental leave.
  • They tend to read to their children.

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