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Co-parenting, Education For Single Fathers

Co-parenting archive for blog posts for articles about single fathers and what to do after a divorce. We strive to help fathers make sense of the law and ways to positively effect their children and deal with custody issues.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

At its heart, the Dads' Resource Center is a children's advocacy organization. Data, and our personal experience, informs us that children are happier, healthy and develop into more successful adults when they have the benefit of both parents being actively involved in their childhood. Mothers and fathers provide unique, equally important things to the lives

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Central Counties Collaborative Law Community

Central Counties Collaborative Law Community, One of our network of single fathers shared this and I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post on it. Our mission is to use our coordinated resources to provide families in conflict a dignified way to negotiate the enormous emotional, financial, and legal challenges associated with

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Co-Parenting with Integrity

Co-Parenting with Integrity All Pro Dad's Play of the Day was an excellent article on co-parenting that I thought I would share. I  have included a section that could be really helpful for those dealing with more difficult co-parenting situations. Co-parenting with Integrity Keep your side of the street clean. You cannot change nor control the

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Co-parenting 101

Co-parenting  101 for Single Fathers The thought of co-parenting can feel overwhelming at times.  Having an ongoing and working relationship with someone you are not in a committed marital or significant other relationship with can bring about some interesting challenges.  If I could though, I’d ask you to reconsider the idea of being in

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