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Keystone Scholars Program

Fathers and mothers give different but equally important things to their children. One area that fathers most impact their children is in their education and careers. There are a lot of studies showing what we already know – children with actively engaged fathers tend to perform better in school, are more focused on post-secondary education or training and knowing what they are going to do in life.

Perhaps this is why Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella’s office reached out to speak to the Dads’ Resource Center about the Keystone Scholars program, and why we are letting you know about it.

All babies born or adopted after December 31, 2018 will have $100 (FREE) set aside in an account which will be invested by the PA Treasury Department and grow throughout their childhood, to be used by them for vocational or technical school, community, two year or four-year college.

New and expectant parents can sign up for updates at pa529.com/keystone. Families will receive instructions by mail on how to access their account online approximately 4-6 months after the baby is born. Additionally, families can open an individual PA 529 College and Career Savings Program account at pa529.com, and you can link the Keystone Scholars and PA 529 accounts online.

This is about creating expectations for children from the day they are born, letting them know they have a future and everyone is invested in trying to make sure they will be successful in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive job market.

As fathers, this what we most want for our children.

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